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   Who? and How many children to invite?

1. How many young guests should I invite?
There's no "magical" number of children to invite to a party. You want to invite enough guests to make it a party atmosphere - just 5 or 6 children might seem more like a get-together than a party. If you are going to invite a couple of classroom friends, if it is a reasonable number. Most likely, some of the classmates will decline.

15 children is a nice party number if you are having the party at home.

20-40 children if you are having the party at a hall, this can seem like a much more special event.

2. All boys, all girls, or both?
Here's a great subject to talk to your child about. They'll most likely have a preference, but make sure that you invite about half boys half girls for the birthday party to be a real success. This helps to cut down on some of the wildness that occurs when you get a bunch of boys in the room together.

3. Should I invite some other parents?
Absolutely. Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles can be a great help too. They'll be able to help you with any discipline problems that might arise, and can help with other tasks such as cutting the cake, getting the food ready, setting up tables & chairs, pouring drinks, taking kids to the bathroom, etc. This will give you more time to enjoy yourself, and keep everything running in order. They too, will get a kick out of Silly Scott's Magical Birthday Party show, especially seeing the birthday child become star of the show and perform like a professional magician.

4. Who to invite to your child's party ?
Ask your child who he/she plays with the most, put these names on the list.
Ask their teacher for the names of the children they play with the most at school, and most importantly who the naughty children so you can avoid them (there is nothing worse than your child's party being spoilt).

Then if you have more children on the list than you wanted to invite, just ask "Do you really want ? and go down the list doing this. Making them choose between two/three usually does the trick.

At 5years old and upwards they will have her own friends and there will be plenty of kids in the class they not bothered about. So Let them choose who they like/want to come and not be bothered about some of the kids not getting invites. Also, ask the teacher to give the invites out rather than you or your child doing it in the playground - it can upset kids when A gets one but not B. They obviously don't understand about space or cost!


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